Hello Mr. Prodip Kumar

We are students sponsoring the project of global warming-Mexico. We were really surprised and happy with your valuable information. In fact we were so encouraged by your fantastic results that we decided to make a video comparing both perspectives.  It was really interesting how you perceive global warming from a more regional perspective. We learned a lot and we enjoyed working with you.

Attached you will find a video containing the most important information about our projects. We hope you take the time to see it and comment on it.

It was a pleasure to work with you and get to know you and your students!

Bests from Mexico

Good byeOur Carbon Footprint


Hello Mr. Denis Carter

We are students from Instituto Blaise Pascale in Oaxaca Mexico. We were worried about your situation but we were happy to hear that you were back. We were a little bit lost about the project at the beginning. We think we were not following the line you have suggested. However, we could come up with some ideas about the project.

First of all, we reflected (some of us for the first time) about services and some privileges we have compared to other people living in Oaxaca. Our school is a private school, and most of the students in Blaise Pascale belong to a mid-upper social and economic position. Poverty in Oaxaca is a very important situation. In fact, Oaxaca is the second state in Mexico with the highest level of poverty.

We were really happy to keep or journals and share our ideas with our classmates. We decided to make a poster to illustrate the main points of our project. We hope you like it.

It was a pleasure to work together and we hope we keep on touch.

Bests from Mexico.

Good bye.

Hello Mr. Prodip Kumar

We are students the group of students from Mexico that were working on your Project. It was very interesting to compare our perspectives about global warming as well as our comments, reflections and suggestions. We think it is very important to take care of our planet and we need to take actions on this particular situation in order to preserve our world.

We decided to create a poster that we will later show to our classmates in the school. It is very simple, but we think it covers the most important points of the project. You will find some pictures attached.

It was a pleasure to work together and we hope we keep on touch.

Best from Mexico

Good bye.

our poster

our poster

Wasup people,

Here you’ll find he same information you have cheecked before in thee iEARN forum but with a twist of formality. You’ll also find some more pictures behind-the-camera videos taken during the development of the projects. I hope you like them and comment.

Global Warming

Hello people!

Hi there,

My name is Pedro Luis Espinoza, and on   my students’ behalf I give you a warm welcome to this brand-new space especially designed for the Learning Circle Participants. As we know, the Learning Circle is closing, so we must hurry to finish up with our projects so we can publish them. I invite my fellow participants to use this blog and comment on it. My students are going to post their final results by Wednesday the 25th, since they are going to be dealing with a video clip and some posters.

I hope you can upload your outcomes as soon as possible.

PS. Mr. Kumar and Mr. Carter I would like to share some information about the blog so you can use it as administrators, and therefore post your messages without problem. I’ll send this info to your e-mail accounts.